About Us

Aventuur was founded to provide transformational experiences that enhance wellbeing.

Our vision is to curate a global network of deeply connected communities, bound by a love of surfing.

Our Mission

Aventuur’s mission is to create exceptional surfing destinations and experiences that generate meaningful social and economic value.

To achieve our mission, we have secured the exclusive rights to the world’s leading wave-generating technology – the Wavegarden Cove – in the most compelling markets across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Fiji.

Who We Are

Founded in 2019, Aventuur is the leading developer and operator of integrated surf park developments.

We deliver authentic surfing destinations, sympathetic to their location, incorporating thoughtfully designed buildings, landscapes and experiences.

With offices in Los Angeles and Perth, our team combines deep surf park expertise, investment rigour and passion to drive exceptional outcomes.

What We Do

Investment & Asset Management

Aventuur originates world-class surf park developments, alongside investing in quality projects through partnerships with reputable teams. By carefully investing capital at high rates of return, we create value for our shareholders and partners.

Property Development

Aventuur’s development team has a proven track record in delivering successful surf parks. From origination to site identification, design, construction and delivery, we manage each stage of the development process and provide advice based on hard-won experience.

Surf Park Management

Aventuur’s executive team has a proven track record in operating successful surf parks, surf resorts and leisure assets. Once a surf park is delivered, we manage park operations to provide exceptional guest experiences, maximise revenue and profitability, and minimise business risk.

Branded Experiences

Aventuur’s surf parks will be operated under an authentic, inclusive consumer brand. By providing world-class experiences at our parks and online, we’ll establish a loyal community of members and guests who will advocate, engage and attend frequently.


A hybrid of the Swedish (“aventyr”) and Dutch (“avontuur”) words for adventure.

ah-ven-tor | noun

(1) A daring and exciting endeavour, calling for greater enterprise and enthusiasm.

(2) To arrive at, reach, arise, develop.

(3) A bold undertaking.