Our Projects

Aventuur prides itself on delivering natural, authentic and considered surfing environments in world-class destinations.

With three projects under development, each has been designed to incorporate architecture, landscapes and amenities that are sympathetic to their location, and embody our local communities.

Perth Surf Park

Opening in 2025, the Perth Surf Park is set to become a major sporting, tourism and entertainment destination in Western Australia.

Aventuur has been selected by the Western Australian Government to deliver a world-class surf park in Jandakot on Prinsep Road, adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway and the Cockburn Central train station.

The Perth Surf Park will feature a 56-piston Wavegarden Cove, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. A high-performance surf academy, hire store, skate features and a pump track will complement the surfing lagoon, along with a health and wellness centre, beach club, quality restaurants and bars, accommodation, casual workspaces and retail stores. Offering unique experiences and regular events, our integrated development will provide Perth with an innovative mixed-use precinct just a short drive south from the CBD.

With the support of our local community, our team is stoked to create a surf park in Perth that is by the West, for the West.

Subject to all requirements being met, we’re planning to commence construction in late 2023, and open to the public in late 2025.

Auckland Surf Park

With early planning work underway, the Auckland Surf Park will be Aotearoa’s first, set among the North Island’s pristine landscape.

In partnership with Sir John Kirwan, our vision is to deliver a truly unique surf park that is reflective of Aotearoa culture and the local rural aesthetic, is developed and operated sustainably, and contributes to individual health and collective wellbeing.

At the heart of the community will be a 2.2-hectare Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon, offering perfect waves, tailored coaching and unique experiences for all abilities in a safe, controlled environment. Thoughtfully designed to reflect the character of Dairy Flat, the project will also feature high-performance sports facilities, eco-cabins and lodging accommodation, a farm-to-table restaurant and community amenities.

In a world-first, we’re seeking to capture the heat generated by an on-site data centre to warm the water of our lagoon – delivering optimal surfing conditions year-round. To create a sustainable virtuous circle, a 7-hectare solar farm (also located on-site) will provide renewable energy for the data centre.

Having secured a high-quality site, we’re in the early stages of planning and building the foundations of a truly remarkable project.

Future Projects

We’re creating world-class surf parks in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Our portfolio of Wavegarden exclusivities covers 700,000km2 and caters to 100 million residents and 350 million tourists.

Our approach is to create authentic surfing destinations, sympathetic to their location, incorporating thoughtfully designed buildings, landscapes and experiences.

In each of our markets, we partner with community organisations, local governments, real estate developers, and leading surf, leisure, hospitality and retail brands to bring our parks to life.

To learn more about our projects, or to discuss new opportunities, please get in touch with our experienced team.